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EASIER Project

EASIER is a unique alliance involving higher education institutions and companies with leading partners in their respective fields that will, for the first time, bring together different training technologies to provide a multi-skills learning experience for surgical and interventional education. This Knowledge Alliance proposes an innovative solution for teaching and learning technical and nontechnical skills based on TEL. The solution will integrate TEL assets (virtual reality, augmented video, augmented box trainers, etc.), providing residents and mentors with a learning management system to programme training activities, have access to ubiquitous learning and monitor progress on their learning experience. The solution will be grounded on a previously validated learning framework, based on the pedagogical model developed in LLP project MISTELA.

Through its goals, EASIER will reach the whole EU surgical community to set the basis for a strategy on a common TEL-based programme offering structured learning and assessment. This will help standardize training across the continent, favouring mobility of professionals as well as the exchange and co-creation of knowledge in the field.
News regarding our progress

EASIER Project Presentation and Press Release

This deliverable includes the project presentation, which was first presented for the Consortium on the virtual kick off meeting (14th November 2017), and a press release for the EASIER project.

Project Presentation - Powerpoint presentation (click here to download)

Press release (click here to download)