MediShield BV, Delft, Nederlands

MediShield BV is a spin-off company from the TUDELFT, developing surgical skills training systems. The company consists of an enthusiastic team of experienced specialists and young biomedical engineers (3 fte). MediShield is devoted to integrate new innovative ideas into the medical field. MediShield's focus is to reduce costs and improve safety during surgery with intuitive new training systems and educational programs that teach young surgical residents basic and more advanced tissue manipulation skills and allow tutors to monitor and track performance.

MediShield is a company that provides education and training services for surgery. MediShield developed the ForceSense training boxes (see able to track instrument motion and measurement of forces during tissue minimally invasive manipulation tasks. Besides skills training system development and optimisation, MediShield provides tissue manipulation facilities and training programs to hospitals (e.g. Leiden University Medical Centre and Academic Medical University Amsterdam) that focus on teaching students to improve tissue manipulation skills during laparoscopic and arthroscopic procedures.

MediShield will adapt the ForceSence, PASSPORT and epidural needle simulators so that they can be integrated to the EASIER LMS (WP5-WP6). The unique data generated by these systems will be analysed and compared to the data recorded in their development thus far. Integration in the EASIER LMS creates a valuable insight in the skill development of young residents training on the real tissue manipulation tasks. MediShield can assess the parameters and track performance within the project.
In the case of ForceSense, the current real time feedback module will be improved to not only provide a signal when the maximum tissue handling force threshold has been exceeded, but also provide training tips that help the trainee reach their goals even faster. The EASIER system connection enables MediShield to set up a multicentre study in which this advanced feedback module can be validated MediShield’s expertise in surgical skills training and insight in learning mechanics contributes to the development of the EASIER system, and as such the company will also be involved in the definition of the pedagogical needs of the users (WP3) and on how to use its technologies to create activities (WP4).
Members of the Staff:

Willem Nerkens

Willem Nerkens MSc, CEO and co-founder of MediShield. W. Nerkens obtained a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at TUDELFT in 2009. From the founding of MediShield in 2010 W. Nerkens has been responsible for the commercialization of a number of research projects of the TUDELFT. The ForceSense training system has been launched in Europe, the USA and a number of other countries. Specialized in business development and surgical training simulation, W. Nerkens is looking forward to implement the ForceSense in the EASIER system. Activities in the project: Project management, planning, support to user model.


Klaas de Vries

K. de Vries MSc. is lead R&D engineer at MediShield. K. de Vries has a bachelor’s degree Mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, with specialization in Medical Instruments and Medical Safety. For 3 years he is the main developer for the ForceSense training platform. He has a broad knowledge of different programming languages and techniques and previous experience with developing web applications. His interests and R&D projects are in combining mechanics, electronics and software to create user-friendly solutions.

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