CyRIC, Nicosia, Cyprus

The Cyprus Research and Innovation Centre (CYRIC) is a fast growing company with a strategic aim to become an important regional centre, developing disruptive products for the world markets and providing unique, high quality services to the industry.
We provide Research and Innovation Services for our customers in the fields of engineering design and prototyping, electronics and communications and software solutions. In addition, a number of specialized consultancy and entrepreneurship services are offered to Start-ups and SMEs.
Our expertise accumulates vast experiences in Research and Innovation projects with participation in more than 35 funded R&D projects worth over 40 million Euros. Currently CYRIC participates in 9 EU projects (4 as a coordinator) and other national projects with a total budget that exceeds 20 million Euros and executes numerous assigned projects for the industry.
We are a fast growing private company dedicated on the design and development of innovative products for the world markets.
Mission - To provide research and innovation services through the development and prototyping of innovative products for the international market.
Vision - To become a leading research and innovation centre in the Eastern Mediterranean region and increase both our turnover and our personnel by 50% per year over the next five years.

Values - Nurture innovation through free thinking and creative spirit.


CYRIC’s main role in the project will deal with the design and deployment of the LMS, leading the efforts in WP6. Architecture, software and communication protocols will be defined in WP5. Expert advice will be given on every aspect of the design process, such as with the development of the styling of the interface of the LMS – aesthetic and practical. A Moodle theme will be developed for the project site enhancing the user the interface for access via computers and mobile devices. Counsel on Moodle pedagogical aspects will also be given in the definition of pedagogical needs (WP3) and definition of case studies (WP4), including an investigation in compliancy e-learning standards such as SCORM and Tin Can.
Technical support will be given to ensure a correct functioning of the LMS: Installation and hosting for the Moodle site for 3 years (last 2 project years + 1 additional year), server maintenance, application upgrades, and installation of plugins (community and plugins developed by other partners in the project).
An important role undertaken will be the development of Data Transformation API, which will be used for the transformation of results coming from external TEL assets to Moodle compatible results.
All developments will be complemented with user manuals to ensure a smooth learning curve for end-users of the LMS and API. Finally, CYRIS will contribute to the dissemination (WP8) and exploitation (WP9) efforts of the project to ensure its success.
Members of the Staff

Dr Panayiotis Philimis

Dr Panayiotis Philimis is the Managing Director of CYRIC. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and ICT. He has 15 years experience in the design, construction and testing of prototype products, software development, modelling and simulation techniques for Building and RET devices, novel products involving wireless technologies, machines and specialized instruments, QM and laboratory procedures, computational geometry algorithms. He is a member of four National Technical and European Standardization Committees including Energy Efficiency in Building and Solar/thermal. He is an experienced industry technical consultant in various fields of engineering including large Energy Projects in the region, as well as European Directives and product certification. He has extended experience in RTD project and technical management with participation in more than 35 applied research projects, a coordinator of 10 (including 5 European, FP7-ICT, FP7-SME, FP7-OCEAN). Also, he has expertise in patent writing and more than 20 scientific publications in international journals & conferences.

Pantelis Nicolaou

Pantelis Nicolaou holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Kent. He is the Manager of the IT and Software Development Department at CYRIC. He has extensive experience in large scale infrastructure and software development projects across multiple industries including banking, real estate, food manufacturing and distribution. Previously he has worked in NCR Corporation (2001-2008) as an SME, Pafilia Property Developers (2008-2012) as the IT Director, Charalambides Christsi Ltd (2012-2013) as the IT Director. His expertise lies in large scale solution deployments, with projects spanning from a two year automation project in NCR, analysis and consulting for the conversion of Cheque processing into Cheque Truncation for Lybia, Ghana, Cyprus and others, Infrastructure, process and software development and deployment for both Pafilia Ltd. and Charalambides Christis Ltd.  His main focus on Cloud IaaS and SaaS services as well as hybrid environments.

Dr Antonis Hadjiantonis

Dr Antonis Hadjiantonis is an ICT engineer with 10 years of experience on applied research and development on mobile and wireless communication systems. He is a Senior Engineer at CYRIC while he holds the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering from the Centre for Communications Systems Research (CCSR) of the University of Surrey (UK) and the Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from the NTUA (Greece). Previously he has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Kios Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks, University of Cyprus (2009-2013) and a Research Assistant at University of Surrey (2004-2008). His expertise extents to policy- based management of future networks and on critical infrastructure systems. His main research interests include self-management and autonomic networking, distributed policy-based management (PBM), wireless mesh and mobile ad hoc networks and convergence of fixed/mobile networks. He has authored several cited publications in high-profile conferences and journals in the area on wireless networks/services operations and management, as well as edited a book on “Telecommunication Economics”.

George Sielis

Georgios A. Sielis holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Technologies from the University of Patras where he also received his BSc in Computer Engineering and Informatics. During his postgraduate studies, he was a member of the Pattern Recognition Laboratory of C.E.I.D. and his research was focused on the adaptive e-learning systems with computational intelligence algorithms. He worked as a programmer at OPTIONS A.E., Patra. After returning to Cyprus, he worked for Intership Navigation Co. Ltd. (IT Dept.) and then joined the SEIT Lab as a Special Scientist. He worked for NCR Co. as Senior Software Developer in the Professional Services Department. He is currently working for CYRIC as Senior Software Developer. He is also pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Cyprus.
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