Simendo, Rotterdam, Nederlands

SIMENDO BV is the developer of the SIMENDO virtual reality simulators for training of basic MIS and arthroscopic skills. The SIMENDO consists of hardware that mimics real surgical instruments and a software environment in which basic tasks such as knot tying can be practiced. The exercises offered in the software are part of a validated, standardised curriculum that is connected to an online e-portfolio to facilitate easy monitoring of progress, mandatory proficiency training and data integration with online education platforms used in hospitals.
In the Netherlands most hospitals train their first and second year surgical residents with the SIMENDO simulator. Completion of the Novice and Intermediate curriculum are mandatory. Currently the system is under review by the Royal College of Surgery in the UK, in order to become part of a large standardised training course for all disciplines of Minimally Invasive Surgery.
In addition to the SIMENDO trainer, the company sells an online solution to certify the required skills to work with insufflation equipment and electro generators in the OR. This product line goes by the name Symify. In cooperation with medical industry, exact replicas of these machines were created online in HTML5 and JavaScript. With Symify, OR personnel can be trained and certified to work safely with this equipment.
SIMENDO works closely together with medical organisations and medical companies such as:

  1. Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
  2. AMC Rotterdam
  3. AMC Utrecht
  4. AMC Maastricht
  5. Royal College of Surgeons in UK
  6. Olympus Medical NL
  7. Ethicon NL

In 2015, SIMENDO employs 4 full time employees, and 2 part-time employees.


SIMENDO will integrate its virtual reality simulators into EASIER (WP6), as well as give support in all tasks involving their use (WP4, WP7) and definition of requirements (WP5) SIMENDO has a broad experience with product and software development. Especially with interactive software solutions for structured learning applications. In addition, the company is able to market and sell these solutions to a broad network of hospitals in Europe. In the Netherlands we have established a scientific network amongst universities and academic hospitals. This network is used to standardise and implement training solutions across different hospitals and disciplines.

SIMENDO will be leading the Exploitation efforts of EASIER (WP9). SIMENDO’s knowledge about the development, marketing and implementation of standardised training in hospital environments can contribute significantly to the (commercial value) results of this project. As a company, SIMENDO is accustomed to develop solutions for a commercial market with strict budget limitations. For example, most of our products are sold under a ‘lease and license’ commercial model. The project can certainly benefit from our experience with financial management of product development processes.
Members of the Staff

Mark Wentink

MSc in Aeronautical Engineering, on topic of Control Engineering and Simulation
Founder and Director of R&D at Simendo BV
Founder and Director of R&D at Desdemona BV (advanced flight simulator for pilot training)
Recently completed a framework 7 EU-project: SUPRA, on the topic of advanced flight simulation for upset prevention training (WP leader)
Worked for TNO in the past, the largest research organisation in the Netherlands



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For more publications, see: